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Wake up each morning with a meditation that begins automatically.

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Wake up feeling Calm & Clear

Say goodbye to being startled awake by a noisy alarm. With Rise, waking up becomes a calming ritual to start your day relaxed & peaceful, while still on time.

Choose your Meditation

Browse our curated meditations based on neuroscience & coaching methodologies, as well as spiritual practices, to wake up feeling great every morning, while tearing down personal blocks, remembering to practice self love & more!

Rise - Morning Meditations App.png
Rise - Morning Meditations App.png

Dozens of wake-up Tones

Choose from dozens of hand-picked wake-up tones that will wake you up calmly & slowly before your morning meditation begins!

We'll remind you to get to Bed

Tell Rise about the time you'd like to wake up in the morning, & the number of hours of sleep you'd like to have, & we'll suggest a bedtime for you, & remind you to get to bed & open Rise in the evening!

Rise - Morning Meditations App.png
Rise - Morning Meditations App.png

Custom App Icons

Choose your Rise app icon style to personalize your experience & make finding Rise on your home screen easy as can be!

Play now for Meditations

Forget to set your meditation alarm? No problem! Simply open Rise in the morning & play your meditation instantly!

Rise - Morning Meditations App.png

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Curated with ❤️ by Tanya Kunze

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